Payment processing for the entertainment industry
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Payment processing for the entertainment industry

Our payment processing solution is specially designed for specialized stores offering gaming and entertainment services, gaming marketplaces and gaming and software businesses. Whether you sell in-game services, gift cards, in-game time, virtual points or other in-game items or any digital web-content, our platform ensures seamless and secure payment transactions.

With our payment processing solution, you can focus on providing an excellent customer experience while we handle the intricacies of secure payment transactions.

Join our platform today and take advantage of hassle-free and secure payment processing for your gaming and entertainment business!

Game Marketplaces

Digital Web Content

Video and Music Streaming

Online Gaming

In-Game Services and Goods

Gift Cards

Software Company

Console Gaming

Paid TV Content

Integrate payments in your business —expand your opportunities!
  • Signup for VectorPay account, sign contract and choose payment methods you would like to use.
  • Customer can choose the most suitable payment type to finish purchase.
  • Integrate VectorPay solution into your online resource.
  • Your online resource passes the information securely and VectorPay processes transaction.
How it works?
Customer goes to an online store and add products to chart
He pays with a convenient payment method
Customer confirms payments
Payment system sends notification to VectorPay to check
VectorPay verifies all payment details
VectorPay notifies the store in order to check the validity of the payment
VectorPay receives a reply from the store, confirming validity of the payment transaction
VectorPay sends a reply to the payment system, confirming validity of transaction
Payment system sends a notification, saying that the payment transaction is done
VectorPay notifies the store that the payment is complete
Customer receives product or service
VectorPay transfers money to store’s bank account
We arrange receiving payments from all popular payment systems
Adjustable payment solution
Accept all major payment methods
Free set-up, No maintenance fees
No worry on security issues
Money to the bank account
Full integration & API
Full control over payments
Work any time, anywhere
Compliant with security standards
Whether you are a large-scale business owner, professional or freelancer, VectorPay offers you multiple ways to get paid by your international clients and global marketplaces – quickly, securely and at low cost.
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