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About us
Vector Pay is a regional technology company that offers robust and comprehensive payment solutions, ensuring an enhanced payment experience through a single, simple connection.



Using advanced financial technology, we enable secure, quick, and easy transactions within the Vector Pay ecosystem, promoting business growth and success.

Our goal is to be the top regional payment service provider, offering flexible solutions that allow businesses to accept payments seamlessly, anytime and anywhere, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With our payment processing solution, you can focus on providing an excellent customer experience while we handle the intricacies of secure payment transactions.

  • Electronic money
  • Bill Payments
  • Direct debit
  • Mobile Payments
  • Payment kiosks
  • Bank Card
  • Money Transfer System
  • Various Payment Methods
  • Competitive pricing
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Our advantages
We are not just a payment system
VectorPay specializes in seamless payment solutions, accepting all major methods with no setup fees. Gain full control over payments securely, anytime, anywhere. Receive payments globally at a low cost.
Integrate payments in your business —
BDO Unibank
Bangkok Bank